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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 8, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> this is -- stay off the roads. stay home. let the public works crews do their job over the next 48 to 72 hours. >> thunder snow could push these numbers up to 28 or perhaps even 30 inches of snow in some locations. >> i'm just really scared, terrified. >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports" monster storm. the northeast braces for a powerful and potentially historic blizzard with white-out conditions. hurricane force winds and snow totals of potentially up to two feet near boston. trying to get ahead of the storm, airlines have already canceled more than 3,000 flights to the northeast. we'll air live with team
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coverage in the storm zone. in washington a different kind of storm. >> i am honored to appear before you today as the president's nominee -- >> would you hold, please? we'll ask the police to please remove -- >> john brennan takes tough questions about his connections to waterboarding and drones. >> do you believe the president should provide an american the opportunity to -- >> any american who joins al qaeda will know full well that they have joined an organization that is at war with the united states and that has killed thousands upon thousands of individuals, many, many of them who are americans. >> do you have a personal opinion as to whether waterboard issing torture? >> i have a personal opinion that waterboarding is rep rehence sxibl is something that should not be done. >> former president bill clinton rallying house democrats today
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at their annual retreat in virginia. earlier the same retreat, nancy pelosi and the democrats hosted a foe political figure steven kol better. earlier still comedian colbert revved up the crowd, but last night he was all about the coming storm. >> please stay off the roads unless you have snow tires, snow chains, or one of these things. >> if yworst hit will be boston which is expecting five-foot snow drifts. my god. if that happens to new york, we won't find our mayor until spring. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. the northeast is bracing, seriously, for a powerful potentially historic blizzard. states of emergencies have
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already been declared in new jersey, connecticut, and rhode island. the snow began falling earlier this morning across manhattan and the outer burrows and will continue throughout the day potentially bringing new york to a standstill. blizzard watches and warnings are in effect through tomorrow up and down the east coast, including in new haven, connecticut, where you see the snow falling on the green at yale and a wintry mix at the state capitol in providence, are you riry. parts of new england could be digging out by three feet by tomorrow. joining us from prov dinse is ron mott. thank you so much. it's beautiful. you look great. this is a serious storm. >> it is a serious storm. you know, those jokes aside there, you can kind of laugh at this storm at this moment, but in three or four hours it's not going to be a laughing matter at all. we're getting probably our first half inch ar so here in providence. there was one national weather service forecast that called for as much as 42 inches of snow in providence. it's hard to get your head around that amount of snow.
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now just a few minutes ago the governor here lincoln chafy told all nonemergency state workers this were done for the day, to start their weekends. hurry home and get off the roads while they're still fairly manageable. we've been out here all day. traffic has been light around downtown because a lot of folks, i think, heeded those warnings and stayed home today. they were able to stay home with their kids and their families and get out of the way of this storm. now, the real concern, andrea, going forward is not just the snow, but the winds coming off the atlantic coast sometime tonight when these two systems get together, and the violence erupts. that shurned snow they've been talking about, we're expecting here in providence wind gusts of 40, 50 miles per hour up the coast. we might see some wind gusts approaching hurricane force strength. 75 miles per hour. you throw the wind on top of all this snow, it's going to be a disaster, and they're telling folks please, please, please do not take yourself and put yourself at risk tonight and get home and stay safe at home and not risk it. this is a very beautiful scene,
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obviously, but it can be very, very dangerous. they want to keep these roadways open for emergency officials only. if you get stuck out there, you may be stuck out there for a while because this snow is not going to stop until sometime tomorrow afternoon. it's a big storm, and we're just ready to start hunkering down here in providence, andrea. >> ron mott, thank you so much. it's a warning that needs to be repeated and reemphasized. you can't repeat it too often. thank you. >> the blizzard, as ron was just pointing out, has already created a travel nightmare. we are seeing icy roads and long gas lines already as people are getting ready there in long island to try to get gas. more than 3,000 flights have already been canceled across the northeast. even more delays and cancellations are now expected as the storm picks up speed. nbc's rahema ellis joins me now from la guardia airport in new york where more than 600 flights have been canceled today alone. it can only get worse, and more lines and more cancellations coming up.
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>> it's not the frenzy that they have on a friday because i think people got the memo. a storm is coming and cancellations are underway. what do people do when they come to the airport? they check in at the board. take a look at this board, if can you see it. tony is going to pan over. what you see is a lot of yellow. that flight is still scheduled to take off just a few moments ago. some are really worried about if their flight tomorrow will be canceled. in fact, it looks like it might whereby people told us, andrea, that they have come to the airport early hoping to change their flights, and the good news is that the airlines are granting a waiver to the penalty fee. they are granting the opportunity to make changes because they don't want people with no way to get out.
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they may cancel everything. if anything is going out, it's going to have to happen soon, but there are fewer and fewer flights leaving from here. andrea. >> rahema ellis, thank you so much from la guardia. a little more complicated today to say the least. joining me with the storm's track is the weather channel's nick walker. thanks so much, nick, for being with us. tell us what to expect and when. >> yeah. it's very unusual to see a forecast like this. >> new york city going to see 12 to 18 inches. more like a foot of snowfall expected for new york city. with places like new york, you're under blizzard warnings out towards long island and northward. we will see, we think, blizzard conditions as those winds really begin to kick up. especially tonight. maybe 40, 50 miles per hour to blow that snow around and limit
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your visibility down below a quarter of a mile for a long period of time. you're in the rain right now. mixed with sleet. it is snow toward the north and cooler air settling in, it is all going to turn to snowfall. we've given this a nine out of ten. that means we're going to find very widespread impacts here to the city. a mixture of snow and rain here today. probably those winds up to around 20 to 30 miles per hour. then tonight it really gets going. the snow will be on the increase with eight to 12 inches falling. blizzard conditions will prevail as those winds kick up, and those blizzard conditions lasting even into tomorrow as the snow tapers off will still see the wind blowing the snow around and that could still cause the conditions to be blizzard conditions all the way through much of tomorrow. blizzard warnings up from boston as well. this may very well turn out to be among the top five snowstorms in history if not the biggest in history. andrea. >> of course, we're all concerned for the people who have just gone through sandy a little more than two months ago along the east coast there in the new york, new jersey area.
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high winds and storm surges are not good news for anybody in the low-lying areas. thank you so much, nick walker, from the weather channel. meanwhile, storms afoot here in washington. as we've been saying, president obama's nominee to head the cia faced tough questioning yesterday about waterboarding during the bush years when he was at the cia and the current white house's huge expansion under his direction of targeted killings by drones. >> your view seems to be that even if we could save american lives by detaining more terrorists, using only traditional techniques, it would be better to kill them with a drone or let them go free rather than detain them. can you explain the logic in that argument? >> i respectfully disagree, senator. i never believe it's better to kill a terrorist than to detain him. we want to detain as many terrorists as possible so we can elicit the intelligence from them in the appropriate manner so that we can disrupt following terrorist attacks. >> joining us is john
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mclaughlin, the cia's acting director and with john hopkins school of studies. thank you for being with us. you were a career cia person, and you know the drill. it's very clear that absent anything occurring that we don't know about that john brennan is going to be the cia director. do you think that this conversation about drones, though has been expanded enough or not enough because this is the first we've really had a chance to look at this exponential expansion of targeted killings. >> well, andrea, i think you're right. john, i believe, will be the cia director. i think he will be confirmed. i think he will be a very good cia director. i suspect we're at the front end of a longer discussion about the drones. the paerp that i think your network recently set around after receiving it opened up a discussion, i think, and i'm sure that once john is at the cia, assuming he is confirmed,
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he will give a lot of attention to broadening this discussion. i think he favors that. >> he -- he has been in charge of a policy that has six-fold increased the targeted killings with drones. he was asked about it, but a lot of the questions that were in the actual legal memos that eventually under pressure, the white house turned over yesterday and under very tight restrictions where staff lawyers could not look at it also, they could not ask questions about that, so none of that material could be on the table yesterday, and there hasn't been a full understanding, i think, by the american people, as to the cost benefit naltsz of this policy. it is creating a big backlash in yemen and pakistan and other places. >> well, these are really tough questions. i think you could see that in the hearing. i think the snoshz, too, were grappling with these issues. they were taken positions, but i think they all realized they are
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tough questions. >> it's a fair question to ask whether we're achieving what we're trying to achieve in terms of suppressing the recruitment of terrorists and so forth. in the use of drones, i would say i think maybe to reinforce something that john brennan was trying to emphasize, that the intelligence that goes into the targeting of these drones, i believe -- i don't do this anymore, but i believe is more precise and careful than most people imagine. i notice that chairman feinstein in the course of her rashgsz side-stepping classified information made that point that from what the committee sees, the targeting is very precise.
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>> do you think that the president should have the sole phenyl authority over this. we're told by public reports that there is actually a kill list and that the president goes through names and the intelligence himself. >> should there be some other check and ballot ability of a president, any president, to make life and death decisions over americans who are connected to terrorist groups or are suspected of being connected to terrorist groups. >> i think that's a tough question. i think it does bare examination. he clearly is responsible and accountab accountable. since lyndon johnson did get
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involved. since then presidents typically have not gotten into the targeting loop that is choosing specific targets. >> that is a departure from past practice, and i think the idea of looking at a court or some other thing inserted into the decision process has some merit. >> and what about john brennan's defense of enhanced interrogations? you were familiar with that era as well at the agency. he said he spoke out against it, but only to colleagues. not to superiors apparently. senator chambliss said, you know, there's no record of anyone satisfying you objected to what was later deemed by the attorney general to be torture. >> well, you know, listening to john brennan's answers on those questions, i don't think he is trying in any sense to present himself as a crusader against
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the program that existed at that time. i think he is saying that he spoke off line quietly to some colleagues about reservations he had on some aspects of the program. i don't doubt he did that. i know john to be an honest, truthful person, but he also respected the chain of command at that time, and the program was authorized by the justice department and the other point that bears emphasis is that in the job he had he was not in the chain of command, if you will, for either creating, authorizing, overseeing, implementing the program and in his subsequent jobs after leaving the agency had no operational responsibility. >> do you have any regrets about that period? you were in the chain of command. >> i don't. i don't. you know, one has to get back into that period of time and reconstruct the context. we're talking ten years ago. just to give you an example,
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there was a moment early in the post-9/11 period when we knew that bin laden had talked to two pakistani nuclear scientists when we had found a crude diagram of a nuclear weapon designed in afghanistan and when we had what appeared to be credible reports of a nuclear device in new york city. that was the atmosphere of that time, and we were in a very different place today. we're in a very different environment. great progress has been made against al qaeda, and i don't look back at that period with regrets. i think the things the cia did then saved lives, and that that is one of the reasons why we are in the position today to say that there's been a lot of progress on this problem. >> john mclaughlin, thank you very much for the context. >> you bet. >> and coming up next, east coast residents gearing up, bracing for another major storm. only three months after
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hurricane sandy's devastating hit. new york congressman peter king joining us next. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop?
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>> blizzard heading up the coast is targeting many of the same residents who are still trying to recover from superstorm sandy just a little more than three months ago. in new york congressman peter king serves on the house homeland security committee and joins me now from long island. well, congressman, your community took such a heavy hit. how are you bracing for this storm? >> everything that can be done is being done, and sussex county is pulley mobilized.
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new york city is fully mobilized. one of the dangers we have, though, is many of peemt are living in homes that are still partially destroyed. this he may be living in the top floor of a two-story house with a bottom half of the basement destroyed. also, the shoreline has been dramatically weakened. even though the surges won't be as great as they were during sandy, it will be much harder to resist because of the shore lien that's been de stated so badly. we're hoping for the best. i guess one advantage is ok a friday night and into saturday at least the -- you know, the crews will be able to go out without worrying too much about traffic being in the way. you know, we're really bracing. it's been a tough time. again, in new york we don't like to complain. we don't like nen to feel sorry for us. we just want when it's over that we get treated the same as the rest of the country has gotten treated. >> what about power outages and the utilities prepared nor? we've been doing stories i've seen on a daily basis of people who, as you point out, are living in one room or two rooms, don't have heat yet in some
10:23 am
places. >> yeah. that's the big question mark. in the last storm, sandy, the long island power authority failed completely. we had almost a million customers who are out of power and that went on for quite a period of time, and they had no way of telling people when the power is going to be restored. if anything like that happens again, it could really be very dangerous because the temperature is so much colder now than it was back in late october and early november. that is the one wild card that's out there. i know that they've tried to improve and turned it over to national grid, but, again, that is the real question mark we have. as far as the governments themselves, the towns, the counties, the state, the city, they're up and ready to go, and they will do whatever has to be done. the power is a real question mark. >> and what about the storm relief that you finally negotiated from the house and senate? is the money flowing yet? >> the money will be starting to flow in the next several weeks.
10:24 am
i give the administration credit because they had 60 days from the time the bill was signed to start the money flow. they actually started approving money within six days. again, the people on the ground have not seen it yet. i would say over the next several weeks you will see it, but it was disgraceful that it was over 90 days where with katrina it was within ten days. this was inexcusable, and this is what we're concerned about is that a major storm would hit during the winter months before rehabilitation work had started. >> i wanted to ask you in your role as homeland security chief, what about this conversation we're having now about drones, about national security? we have a new cia director who is likely to be confirmed, and you know him well. you have worked with him for a long time on counterterrorism. do we have enough information that can be made public about the test, the legal tests, before the administration decides unilaterally to take
10:25 am
action against citizens overseas? >> yeah, andrea. i fully support targeted flagsz have been carried out. i think the president has done the right thing. i think john brennan has done the right thing, and i'm not trying to minimize this, but i think there's a lot of liberal hand-ringing going on. we're engageed in a war, and i went to so many wakes and funerals after september 11th, wropt this to happen again where i go to a wake or funeral and say to the survivor that your son or daughterure your husband or wife could be alive today except the person who is going to carry out the attack we knew where he was, but he was an american citizen, so we held back because we wanted to feel good about ourselves or we wanted to turn it over to a court to get the decision. >> the president is the commander in chief. he has the power to execute in time of war. during the civil war every confederate soldier of an american citizen. the president didn't go to court to kill them. i don't want to minimize the loss of human life, but the fact that a person may be an american citizen, to me that makes it all the worse.
10:26 am
>> speaking of war and quick question about sear yashg because it was revealed at a hearing at the armed services committee yesterday on the senate side that leon panetta and general dempsey both said that he and hillary clinton had argued last season for arming the rebels in syria. more than 60,000 people have died, but that others on the foreign policy team pushed back, and the president made a decision not to. >> yeah. let me just say on this one i may be inclined toward the president. i'm not certain who those -- who would get those weapons. i don't want to fwet into too much detail. i'm also on the intelligence committee, but i'm -- i am not certain that those weapons wouldn't fall into the wrong hands, and that's a real problem we've had in syria. maybe more should be done earlier on to get better control of the rebels, but now to me there's too many unsavory pro-islamist elements among those rebels, so i am not certain that they should be given weapons. that's a tough call, and i'm not close enough to it on the ground, but from what i do know,
10:27 am
i'm very leary about giving any weapons because they could end up in the hands of islamists. >> congressman peter king, it's great to have your perspective, and thank you and good luck in the storm for you and your constitch wednesday. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. >> next, in our daily fix, a special repre-view of the state of the union. plus, the latest obstacles to chuck hagel's confirmation. please share your weather pictures with us, if it's safe, tweet us at mitchellreport or on reports. i'm only in my 60's...
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>> the sequester looming over the white house and the congress at the end of the month. joining us for our daily fix a special roundtable nbc's david gregory, moderator of "meet the
10:31 am
press" chris caliz sdmr a, managing editor of post, and washington post editorial columnist ruth marcus. welcome all. david taking the 30,000 feet, you, what do we expect from the president? what's the tone? what's the -- you know, how specific, how granular does he get in this speech coming down from the heights of the second inaugural? >> i do think his political playbook has changed. you see him putting a lot of initiatived out there right now. working the outside game a lot more strongly than he has. i think he wants to get out of the business of setting up the idea of a big grabbed bargain with republicans that may fail. he wants to put a lot out there and work as much of his game. not to steel from chris's piece, though, today i think he makes a good point. he is coming at this with an ambitious agenda at a time when he is feeling pretty confident. this is a moment of great confidence for any president. you've just won re-election. you come to the start of your second term. you say okay, i'm going to walk
10:32 am
with a bit more strength in my gate here. >> i'm the big sheriff in town, right is this. >> look, this is -- if there's ever a time where you can say i have been validated, it is -- you could say, well, the 2008 election was about george bush, not about barack obama. it's hard to say that the 2012 election was about anything other than this was a referendum on barack obama and how he had handled this first four years in office. he won by a larger margin than i certainly thought he would. he won by a larger margin than many people thought he would. david is right. he is going in. this is his chance. we've seen it on immigration, guns, his approach to the fiscal cliff, his approach to the debt ceiling. everyinning tonally is this is -- it's not my way or the highway, but it's much more my way than, hey, let's meet in the middle. it's sort of like i won, deal with this reality, and let's move forward. we'll see. it's actually worked pretty good effect thus far on things like the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling. republicans will try to draw a
10:33 am
line somewhere. i'm not sure why yet. >> they thought they could draw it on national security with chuck hagel, and we've seen in the last 48 hours the president picked up the phone and he cauldron widen. he hasn't called too many senators too often, even in his own party. he cauldron widen because they had a real obstacle, and he knew that his cia nominee, his close friend, someone he is really eager to have confirmed john brennan, was in trouble going to that hearing. now not so much trouble. >> not so much trouble. these hearings are always as much about the -- using the moment as a lever to dislodge things that congress wants as they are about the nominee himself. i don't think there were a lot of questions about john brennan's kwaul ficks for the job. if i might say to live township the transparency that's been happy to profess. can i go back to the state of the union? i want to add a little bit of a
10:34 am
note of caution to all this presidential huffing and puffing, which is yes, he was re-elected and re-elected by wide margins, but he has an extraordinarily full agenda. it's felt like a four-ring circus in washington this week. immigration, sequester, guns, nominees. he has a lot of very -- he has both a ticking clock and a congress that has especially on the republican side different -- way different interests and different political calculations, so he is going to -- as much as he might want to swagger, swagger, swagger, things are only going to get done if we meet somewhere in the middle and not -- because it's not going to get done on his terms. snoo in fact, leon panetta's passionate warning in that georgetown speech, you know, first on "meet the press" last weekend and then reinforced, there is going to be a farewell ceremony for him today at fort mcnair, but he really believes and i have talked to him like
10:35 am
you have, david, that this sequester is -- because of its sort of blunder bust approach that it does not permit the pentagon to make intelligent choices about what is needed, so it is going to get to readiness. ready city council what we need. >> this is the absurdness of washington. >> the white house proposed the -- >> proposing to get agreement on this. now the new strategy is, yeah, but you can't let that sequester happen because the spending cuts would be so awful when, in fact, there are democrats like dick durbin who will be on the program sunday who have said he doesn't really have a problem with the amount of spending cuts in the pentagon. it's a matter of how you go about doing it. republicans i think also have some leverage here by saying, you know, if you really get us down to it, if have to swallow these spending cuts, we're going take them because that might be good. you got your revenues there.
10:36 am
zoolt sequester, we don't like it, but before it on. >> there's a lot of pain. particularly if are you from virginia and you have military cuts coming down your way, this is tough. spending cuts are tough. the politics are so hard for the left on this as whether the president is going to stand up. he has -- he is dealing with the drone fight on the left, and this is what's remarkable about all of this. why don't rereview the statutory authority you have given to the president to kill the people he thinks he has to kill. that's the law on the books. >> and to eavesdrop. >> and to detain people as well. which now we do on naval ships as john brennan said, floating around because you have to give him has beenus corpus here. there is not an appetite to take
10:37 am
this on. >> there has been a lot of bubbling up about chuck hagel, and i have checked within the last hour. the white house says absolutely committed to chuck hagel. you know, i heard david brooks suggest last week or two weeks ago to you -- >> last week, yeah. >> on "meet the press" that he should consider saying to the president i'm going to step back because i performed so badly at the hearing. they are absolutely firm. they're pressing carl levin. schedule that vote on tuesday. get it out of the way. the other questions about his finances were all answered. go well beyond levin to inhoff today and more than what has been asked of a nominee. they want him in brussels next month. >> could he step back? sure. it just seems very unlikely. he has come this far, number one. number two, this idea -- i always thought this idea that
10:38 am
they would filibuster or threaten to filibuster chuck hagel, there is absolutely zero historical precedent for it. >> john mccain and -- >> yes, it's not going to happen, and if it's a straight up or down vote where he needs to get 51 votes, are four democrats or democratic lawmakers -- five or six democratic line senators going to break with the president of the united states when he has made clear this is his guy? it just feels like a lot of chatter about -- unless chuck hagel pulls back, he is going to have at least 51 votes. >> i was told today he was meeting with the navy secretary. >> want a lot, but he has a lot of republicans at hand. i don't stee. >> we'll have to leave it there. keep all your thoughts bubbling because there's "meet the press" on sunday. >> we have eric can't or and dick durbin, and we'll talk about the politics of the drone program. look ahead to the state of the wrun. >> exciting. we'll be there with you on the state of the union. thank you, david. ask chuck and have a great
10:39 am
weekend. >> you too. >> meebl, residents of the east coast not such a great weekend. they are bracing for what could be an historic winter storm. we are live next in boston and hartford where up to two feet of snow are now expected. plus, the massive manhunt intensifying out west for a former police officer accused of killing at least three people, including a policeman. [ male announcer ] house rule number 53.
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10:43 am
are going to close down at any moment sometime after noon. they are really trying to get the roads clear for emergency vehicles to get around, and snow plows to get around. you can see the city buses are still running too. that's going to shut down. the airport is closing here at about 1:30, about this time. it's about 12 miles north of here. everybody is trying to hunker down. the governor declared a state of emergency at noon. he expects 30% of the state to have its power knocked out. they've really tried to put the pressure on the utility companies to preposition equipment and get ready for the storm. especially since they know that this one is coming. in this p state they have crew from north carolina, michigan, illinois here already in preparation for what's going to come in the hours to come. it's starting to snow a bit harder now. it's getting more steady. obviously it's just going to pick up as the day goes on. at this moment the best advice to people here in connecticut, i
10:44 am
imagriry, massachusetts as well, hunker down, stay in your house. if you don't have anywhere that you have to be, out of safety and concern for just trying to make sure that things go smoothly as possible during this blizzard. andrea, back to you. >> thank you so much, ron allen in hartford. here i wanted to share something very special with you because this week i was fortunate enough to spend some time with members of the visiting afghan youth orchestra. these kids come from a nation gripped by war and terrorism where boys and girls rarely get to play together, and music was banned under the taliban rule, but with help from the state department and the world bank and other supporters, these young afghan children are enjoying a rare moment of harmony here in the u.s. >> 13-year-old lala has been waiting two years for this moment. ♪ the chance to perform on the world stage while breaking snoer taliban tab your. girls and boys playing music together. >> which do you like better? the drums or the trumphet?
10:45 am
which is more fun? >> the drum. >> the drums? >> she's one of 48 young musicians who attend the only music school in afghanistan where music was strictly banned under taliban rule. many in the group are orphaned by war. some even lived on the streets. today they are nearly 7,000 miles from home, bringing traditional sounds from their homeland. thn the tambore mixed with the western harmonies they are also learning. ♪ organizers hope the young musicians can learn about america and america can learn about afghanistan. music is making a comeback. >> should the future afghanistan show an afghanistan where the children of the country are the future and the hope is not dead. >> how does it feel to be playing your music here in
10:46 am
america? >> i feel very well. >> he excels on the rubab, an afghanistan instrument, also played the role of diplomats, with the others, meeting the new secretary of state. once an amateur musician himself. >> when i was your age, i played in a rock band. >> their conductor, william harvey, a juilliard-trained american violinist has spent the last three years in kabul. >> what i have done is masterpieces like "four seasons" and added afghan melodys, instruments, and folk songs. >> the group that is rehearsing along a maryland youth orchestra has done improvization of our own. >> we were jamming at one point, playing "stairway to heaven" which we're both familiar with, and so it's fun. >> the main event performing thursday night on the stage of the kennedy center's concert hall. >> coming here has been the fulfillment of a long-time dream for us, and the biggest reward is the smiles on these
10:47 am
children's faces. >> and right now the afghan youth orchestra is en route to new york city where weather permitting, they are going to be up in skarsdale this weekend and next tuesday will play at guardian gi hall. next, the role of police sharpshooter who has killed three people already, including a policeman and has targeted many more. whoa ! looks like you're in a pickle. yeah. can you get me out of it ? just so happens i know a chap... book any flight and hotel together and get access to our free personal concierge service. any need, any question, we're on call 24/7.
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the intents manhunt is continuing in southern california for a former navy reservist and police sharpshooter who is now accused of turning into a serial killer. he has already killed -- suspected of killing at least three people, including a veteran police officer with whom he had worked. the focus of the search is now moved to big bear after a bushed out truck belonging to the suspect christopher dornor was found. the san bernardino county sheriff updated reporters in the last hour. >> we're continuing our search in the local area and up on the mountain where the truck was found. we still have over 100 law enforcement officers from
10:51 am
throughout southern california assisting us. we're continuing to provide as much security as we can to the community of big bear. >> nbc's mike tiaibi is in los angeles. we're beginning to hear there's new information from san diego. there may have been a sight thering. what do you know? >> there's new information coming in from all over the place. this is a wide search. it's impossible to focus it on any one area because of the unquestioned history of this alleged -- the suspect over the past five days. he has been from san diego, which is about 130 miles south of where we are right now, up to big bear. 100 miles to the north and and northeast and a lot of territory but this is a state of freeways and there are clues left by the suspect all over the place. in san diego, he was allegedly down there earlier in the week, took a room on the marine base. never did check out and some of his items found in the hotel room. he left a wallet or dropped a wallet on a median strip that was found.
10:52 am
it had his picture i.d. in it and a detective, athentic lapd badge. he was only a patrol officer when he was fired in 2008. now, his truck is found late yesterday afternoon up in big bear. really tough country. as the sheriff just said, concentrating about 100 officers on that search but we're told, too, that the footprints from the location of the truck didn't lead anywhere that was useful for searchers so was the truck itself the burning truck a diversion? or was the wallet a diversion? it covers three states, part of mexico, nevada and his manifesto said he would wipe out as many high value targets as he could. he was trained, he's especially dangerous. andrea? >> terrifying story. thank you so much, mike taibbi. we'll be right back. ition to taste great. she was a picky eater.
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jeerk which political story makes headlines in the next 24 hours? chris cillizza is with us. chris, chuck, whatever your name is. >> it doesn't bother me. >> there's no comparison. >> i got jokes on twitter that got in your mind. >> you anchor for chuck. i was teasing you and there we are. leon panetta. big ceremony. the president will go over there. this is personal. there's no one in this town who does not like leon panetta. i started to cover him as house budget chairman. >> what a career. >> he was a republican under richard nixon and left the white house in protest. >> i mean, his career has spanned sort of, you know, congress, administrations, republican, democrat. >> white house chief of staff. >> i would say there's no one out there who doesn't think that he is not earned what we expect him to go do, which is go -- >> back to the walnut farm. and he'll be out of here as soon
10:57 am
as his successor is confirmed. chuck cillizza. >> call me -- i'm always ready. >> that does it for us. stay safe. stay warm. my colleague tamron hall as a look at what's next. >> andrea, i thought you were going to say tamron mitchell. you are on a roll. have a great weekend. >> be safe. >> be safe, as well. up next, speaking of staying safe, the latest on the massive storm that's slamming the northeast and it is going to get worse. already causing major problems, including a 19-car pile-up. states of emergencies have been declared in three different states. 4,000 flights canceled so far. we'll get you up dated on this. just learning details about a plea deal involving congressman jesse jackson jr. after he was accused of using campaign money to decorate his home. a violation of campaign finance laws. we'll have the latest on his plea deal. and the state of the union
10:58 am
is tuesday. we're taking a look at president obama's approval rating and how his popularity compared to congress and the republican leadership. and you'll dump your old duster. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady, who's that lady? [ female announcer ] swiffer 360 dusters extender cleans high and low, with thick all around fibers that attract and lock up to two times more dust than a feather duster. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. and now swiffer dusters refills are available with the fresh scent of gain.
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